Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape is used on ramps and walkways, ladders and stairs and wet floors.

Also suitable for applications onto concrete, marble and stone floors


  • Several colours makes floors highly visible.
  • Simple DIY installation using self adhesive.
  • Has a superior non-slip characteristic.

Anti-Slip Tapes are supplied in the following standard sizes:

Code Description
CBT5018C 50mm X 18m Clear
CBT5018FL 50mm X 18m Fluro Yellow
CBT5018L 50mm X 18m Luminous
CBT5018Y/B 50mm X 18m Yellow & Black
CBT5018BK 50mm X 18m Black

Fixing Instructions

  • Clean off rust and loose particles.
  • Wipe down with solvent.
  • Press firmly into place.