Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Capping

Ceramabond Pty Ltd offers a large range of high quality non-slip ladder rung caps that are the best solution to wet, worn or greasy ladder conditions.

Ceramabond Anti-Slip ladder rung covers provide a non-slip ladder climbing surface that withstands the harshest of conditions. The high-visibility ‘Bright Yellow’ highlights each ladder rung.

Ceramabond manufactures two styles of Anti-Slip capping, semi circular capping to suit 20mm and 25mm diameter rungs and U channel capping to cover larger diameters and rectangular rungs.


  • Bright yellow coating makes rungs highly visible
  • Installing Anti-Slip capping increases the size of the rung giving a safer, broader surface to climb on
  • Makes slippery, wet and dangerous ladder rungs safe for years and years
  • Simple DIY installation using Ceramabond's recommended adhesive
  • AS/NZS Certified
  • Is covered by Ceramabond’s 10 year warranty
  • Has a superior non-slip characteristic


  • Available on Galvanbond, Stainless Steel 316 and Aluminium backing
  • Available in Commercial, Industrial and Offshore, Slip-Resistance grades
  • Available in Ceramabond X-Treme for use in extreme conditions i.e. Marine, splash zone, tropical, wet or exposed to chemical contamination
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Custom sizes available, just ask us

U channel capping is fabricated to any size requirement.

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Semicircular capping is supplied in the following standard sizes:

Code 20mm diameter Code 25mm diameter
CBL1 300mm long CBL6 300mm long
CBL2 350mm long CBL7 350mm long
CBL3 400mm long CBL8 400mm long
CBL4 450mm long CBL9 450mm long
CBL5 500mm long CBL10 500mm long

Fixing Instructions

  • Clean off rust and loose particles.
  • Wipe down with solvent.
  • Apply generous spread of Ceramabond’s recommended adhesive to underside of capping.
  • Press firmly into place.
  • Wipe away excess adhesive and leave to set for 24 hours.

For more detailed instructions please contact us.