U-TRED® is an innovative new product that installs in seconds onto open grid type steps used in the Mining, Construction and Agricultural Industries. The U-TRED® creates Revolutionary Step Definition and features Double action anti-slip cleats for that extra grip

U-TRED® is a robust steel product, galvanised and powder coated Safety Yellow.


  • Fantastic Step Definition
  • Double Action Anti-Slip Cleats
  • 4 Self Locking Barbs to suit 20 x 5 and 32 x 5mm step edges
  • Flared leading edge to enable fast installation
  • Available in Safety Yellow to meet Industry Standards
  • Available in one size 85 x 40mm


  • Guaranteed to Revolutionise your maintenance programme
  • Renovate old worn steps in seconds
  • Suits open type grid steps used in Mining, Construction, Agriculture & Manufacturing Plants
  • One size fits all


  • Powder coated Safety Yellow to meet Industry Standards
  • Galvanised for extended wear life against corrosion.
  • Patent pending 2011901914
  • Reg Design Number 12140/2012


  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Any industry using open type grid steps