Why Ceramabond?

CERAMABOND STANDARD product has been manufactured to the highest standard for over 35 years using premium quality materials and sets an industry standard for reliability and durability in a wide range of Industrial applications. However the performance and longevity of the standard product can be affected by certain environmental and operational conditions including but not limited to the following -

  • Exposure to sea water and coastal areas
  • Exposure to chemical or hydrocarbon contamination
  • Prolonged exposure to tropical rain and high humidity
  • Constant exposure to water i.e. wash down zones

For the above applications we recommend the installation of CERAMABOND X-TREME.
CERAMABOND X-TREME has been designed to withstand these environmental conditions.

If you are unsure of the correct product to suit your application, Ceramabond staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss your application and recommend the correct grade of Ceramabond anti-slip product.

Ceramabond products are warranted for 10 years from date of dispatch

If a Ceramabond Anti-slip product fails within the warranty period, Ceramabond Pty Ltd commits to re-supplying the product at no cost to the Customer and Distributor. Ceramabond Pty Ltd also commits to working with the Customer to identify the reason for the failure and make recommendations on any corrective actions which may be identified.

Marc Goodall
General Manager